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  • Our Goal

    Our goal is to become an excellent comprehensive logistics service provider. We have been engaging in more innovation activities to meet customer demand, and creating more value and bearing more responsibility for society. By optimizing project planning, project operation, resource integration, coordination, we are aiming at the maximization of the value of supply chain which is closer to the customers. Varies width of global network service scope enhance us to accomplish more and more difficulty jobs in logistics field.

    Why Choose Us

    Better in cost saving:With multi-choice of steamship and airline cooperation selecting, we will be able to find the most proper carrier vendor for customer;
    rofessional team:Each of our employee has strong desire of logistics knowledge learning. Everyone in our elite team is in most responsible for customer and details demands;
    Considerable service: Customer-oriented. Each step in arrangement of customer request, we will provide considerable suggestions to meet client’s demands from professional vision;
    Timely information:Through domestic and international service network, with our advanced understanding of logistics and supply chain, we are providing the most accurate and timely information for our customers.


    North America: We are doing professional transportation in this area including customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution, trucking etc;
    Europe: With perfect logistics agent system, we can provide specific logistics service for different customers in varies countries;
    Garments export to USA:With sister company strong supports at USA, we are providing timely and efficient service for our garment client who have very strict time line of cargo delivery;
    Logistics in Russia:Provide professional customs clearance and delivery service in Russia to meet the needs of the rapid development of Sino-Russia trade;
    Oversize cargo transportation:In the field of super large size goods logistics, we have plenty of experience to fulfill most of the oversize cargo transportation;
    Shanghai port:Provide varies of local service, such as booking, warehousing, trailer, customs, inspection declaration, marine insurance etc.


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